Things I’ve learned about Haiti and the Haitian people – MMRC Haiti update 08/10/2010

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

It almost midnight and has been a very very long day. Tuwanda left this morning and it’s just not the same without her here. If anyone who knows her is reading this I want to make it publicly known that we are not the cause of all her bruising. She did it all to herself. Between slipping down the stairs and walking into doors, my favorite was last night when she climbed on a table to catch a lizard and fell while getting down. Keep in mind she already had one foot on the ground but to really get a good visual of what it looked like I need you to close your eyes and imagine a giraffe climbing out of a tree while wearing high heels and stepping on slick marble. Now picture all of that in slow motion. We love you girl and thank you so much for everything.

Since the last update we’ve been working away and really getting a lot of things done. We just got some construction tools from ADRA and have already distributed half of them to JP/HRO. The other half is going to help cleanup some orphanages and build some homes.
The EMT classes are going great over at Medishare with the local staff and we start our first class tomorrow with the Haitian national police. Hopefully it goes well. While Riaan is teaching the class we are getting our first shipment of Pedialyte in from Save the Children. 6500 cases total and we’ve already committed out 6000 of them. So many kids need this stuff so we have to move it quickly.

Well it’s past midnight now and I want to share a couple of things I’ve learned here about the country and the people…

1. Haitian men are pretty tough when injured but they are the biggest babies when it comes to rain or needles

2. Haitian chicken cooked by street vendors is the bomb.

3. You don’t even have to know how to drive to get a license here.

4. Haitian kids can make toys out of any garbage you give them.

5. The weather here pretty much sucks year round.

6. Potholes are the new speed bumps.

7. Haitian women can wash clothes faster by hand than you can with a machine.

8. Vitamins will cure all that ails you.

That’s just a taste for now. I’ll send a more complete list when I’m not falling asleep and typing at the same time.


  1. Hey … Just wanted to comment on “haitiN men are like babies when it rains” LOL OMG – you nailed that one!!! My husband refuses to talk to me or anyone else on the phone when it rains … So now I got this weather map on my phone so I can see what the weather is like in PAP and will not even bother to call when I see clouds LOL

  2. Hey Paul —

    Funny, i was looking through my Haiti notes yesterday and came across your name — next to it was “the guy who can get you things.” (We met at the Plaza one night in May…)

    Now i see your blog thru a link from Richmond, and it looks like you’re still the guy who can get you things…
    Keep up the good work, and hopefully I’ll see you next time I’m in PAP. Hopefully coming back when we have the funds for a feature film…

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