All in a days work – MMRC Haiti update 8/2/2010

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I find that the 1130pm blog updates are seem to be the most entertaining since I’m half asleep and exhausted. It’s nice that I can do them from my phone but the downside is that I ramble a bit too much. Things have been going pretty smoothly and we’ve picked up a couple of new recruits. I’ll talk about them in a bit. So now for the fun stuff.

Let start off by saying that the Haiti diet is the best way to lose weight. Between the flop sweating, mass consumption of water and overall repetitive diet I have lost almost 65 pounds since my first trip here. Jenny Craig ain’t got nothin on Haiti. The bad thing is that I am still out of shape. Granted I’ve had to have people bring me new clothes because all my original pants would fall off me and the 3-4x shirts looked like tents on me. I’m now at a 40 inch waist and a 2x shirt.

Now, back to the out of shape thing.

This morning a few of us had to go to the General today to transfer a pre-term momma to Adventist hospital. She is TB positive and about 30 weeks along. Contractions were 10 minutes apart so we had to get her to a place that was much more well equipped to handle the mom and baby.

So, back to how we got to the hospital.

LP was dropping Tuwanda, Jeanne and Ellen off at a clinic near the Embassy so we had to walk to the hospital. It’s only about 1.5 miles but the fun part is that you get to dodge traffic and pedestrians while at a very brisk pace. I was on the phone with Megan about this patient and it was apparent that we had to get her out of there and to Adventist asap. About 6 blocks from the hospital I told the boys we had to pick it up so we started running. Now please try and picture this. 2 marines and a fat guy running the streets of PAP. The marines look like they are in great shape. They’re running in unison, have great form and are weaving through cars. They don’t even look tired and they’re barely breathing hard.

And then there’s the fat guy…. ME

I’ve got one hand on my back pack to keep it from flailing everywhere and the other on my belt to keep my pants from falling off. I’m trying to not get hit by cars that I can’t see because the sweat is flowing so profusely down my face it is blinding me. I’m beet red and am huffing and puffing so hard that the locals can’t stop starring at me. And the best part is, you can’t stop this much momentum without a few hundred yards notice.

So after about 3 blocks I holler at Sully that he can run if he wants but poppa bear is going to have to keep it at a brisk pace. We finally arrive at the General and I am sweating so bad that I look like R. Kelly at a Chucky Cheese and I’m so hot I can’t even form complete sentences. Oh ya, I almost forgot, but my pants are soaking wet and my grey shirt is dripping.

After being there for about 15 minutes we get the ok to use an ambulance, we load up the patient and Michelle, Sully, Riaan and myself head over to the Adventist hospital with her. The best part is that I still can’t stop sweating but now I have to wear gloves and a mask the whole time we are en route and try to comfort a very scarred mother. Brooke was expecting us when we arrived and she made sure everything went through smoothly.

As we drove back I had a chance to look down at myself and it is apparent that I’m a hot mess. I just wish I had video of this so I could just see what the locals got to witness.

Anyway, everything went smoothly and I’m going to call Brooke tomorrow to see how momma is doing.

Now for the other great news. We recently had 2 guys join our team. Sully and Riaan. They are both Marines and were with another NGO but joined us because they know how hard we are working and the great things we are accomplishing. I’ve known Sully for a while and he is a riot. Though he may be a grunt and a little rough around the edges he has a heart of gold and wants what’s best for the people here. I just met Riann but I can already tell that he is willing to do whatever it takes to make this a better place. Tomorrow we are starting the very first EMS class over at Medishare.

In other news the girls are doing great and I’m so glad they are here. We get to keep Tuwanda for another week before she has to go home. It looks like we are going to be doing exams on some of the female prisoners so they can be released. I’m not sure what they did to ge there but their time has been up and all they need is a doctor to examine them so they can go home.

We still have no new news on the nun orphanage. I’m getting so frustrated with this. If anyone has contacts with CNN, Fox News, Al Jezeera, or any other huge network please let me know. This story has to go public if any change is going to happen.

Finally, we are going to buy our truck tomorrow so wish us luck. Hopefully the new ghetto sled won’t be too much of a POS but we’ll have to see.

I’m signing off for now. Good night everyone.


  1. You are always a laught! Yes, losing weight the Haitian way! The first two weeks, I always lose 10 pounds. I love it! Paul, what is the security situation right now? I can’t go back to Haiti right now because of some security issues I had … what are you seeing? Oh, and pictures??? Where are some pictures???
    Jeanette of Haiti Reads

  2. danell says:

    sounds like a riot…I never thought my short time would have such an impact but you were right it is hard to readjust, I think of coming back often. Sounds like you are still trucking away and doing amazing things!! keep it up, miss you much paul. glad you have some new boys on the team.

  3. Andrew O'Kane says:

    thanks for taking us through that run Paul!…the sweat was alive on the page!…I lost almost 10 lbs last time too but in my case I was a bone rack going home…it’s slowly coming back now though and soon I’ll be big enough to go to Haiti again…

    I’ll be back down there in 2 or 3 months one way or another, possibly with Medishare again but maybe something new…

    not sure how to donate to MMRC and I’d like to send a few backs…how to do it?
    keep up the great work Paul…

  4. ansel says:

    Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you back media contacts for Al Jazeera and others, if you want.

  5. Meggie Hui says:

    Hi Big Paul, I think of you and you’re group of amazing spirits often. I’ve been following your progress online and wanted to send my congrads on getting so much done with so little at hand. You are all heros to so many. I would love for you to pass my hello to Tuwanda too. She is such an amazing provider. Keep up the good work. -meggie

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