Just like the old days – Haiti update 07/06/2010

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Something pretty interesting happened last night but I was too tired to blog about it so I’m doing it this morning.  It turns out that Danell and Mike went to the IMC clinic in PV and while they were there they were approached by a Haitian American man who had fallen and taken a chunk of flesh out of his lower back.  He was bleeding all over the place and it looked like he had nicked an artery or 2.  Mike and Danell worked on him for about an hour and left him at the clinic since the bleeding had stopped and he needed to be monitored.  When they got home they were telling everyone about it and how funny the guy was and how much blood there was….

Skip to 5 hours later….

Mike and I went to the general to pick up Megan Coffee and who does Mike see, the same guy that had the cut on his back.  He had left the clinic and was headed home when it started to bleed again.  He called his uncle and they took a tap tap to the general where he was hoping to be seen.  Mike walked in with him and it looked like there was only 1 nurse for the entire department so we told the guy to jump in the back of the truck and come to the house so we could work on him. 

Back at the house we got him onto a clean field, applied a Hemo-Con dressing, started an IV on him and put a boat load of pressure on his wound.  Danell, Mike and I all took turns compressing the wound and tried to get him to stop bleeding.  I’m glad Megan was at the house so in case anything really bad happened she could take over. 

So in the end, we called Medishare and they gave us the green light to transfer him over.  We got him loaded into the back of the truck and Junior drove.  I’m going over there later today to transfer 2 TB patients and I will follow-up on him this afternoon. 

Here are some of the shots that Alan took during the whole thing.


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