We should be so grateful this 4th of July for what we have. – Haiti update 07/04/2010

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Happy 4th of July everyone.  It’s a day like this that I am so grateful to be a member of the USA.  I am so thankful to know that someday I will return home and enjoy the liberties that our forefathers died to give us.  Now I know the USA isn’t perfect but man it sure is the land of milk and honey where you can do something with your life.  I hear so many people complaining and whining about how hard it is back home.  How the housing industry took a dump and they lost so much money.  How in AZ it’s unconstitutional to have to carry an ID form, and on and on and on.  Let me help put things in perspective as to how good we have it back home.

For the last 5 months I’ve been living amongst a people that have been devastated by a massive earthquake, whose government treats them like animals and has no remorse for any decisions they make, in a country that has a 70% AIDS rate, 70% illiteracy rate, 85% unemployment, and where 25% of the entire population live in tents either on pallets or on the floor without food or water and are in constant fear of the oncoming hurricane season.  These people have nothing and can do nothing about it.  When they try to get ahead they are squashed by opportunistic SOB’s that either steal from them or physically harm them to keep them oppressed.  When they protest to their government about their squalid conditions they are shot at and beaten by the police and the UN.  And let’s not forget that over the last 5 months their has been remedial progress in cleaning up this place.  They haven’t even rebuilt their own Palace.  If the White House was destroyed in an earthquake would you tolerate the government just sitting idly by and doing nothing to your capital building.  No, we wouldn’t.  We expect so much from our leaders and they do deliver for the most part.  But here in Haiti, the people get nothing. 

Ok, I’m done venting.  Thanks for listening.  Now for updates on what we are doing.

3 days ago LP left for France to go do some remodeling work for some of his clients.  He’ll be back in about 4 weeks so in the meantime it’s just me, the boys, and whoever is at the house with us.  We had a chance to visit quite a few of the people he’s been working with before he left and it was amazing to see how much he is loved here by the kids.  It’s gonna be tough without him here but we have an amazing group of guys that work their butts off and that think for themselves. 

We’ve been shipping out a lot of supplies to the clinics and field hospitals lately.  We’ve almost finished moving out all of the medications that Operation Blessing gave us about 10 days ago.  We’ve been supplying the NCBM, Cuban field hospital, the Adventist Hospital, Medishare, and a handful of smaller groups and they have been so grateful for the supplies we are giving them.

Mike Hague is back with us after his 10 days off when he went to Argentina.  From what i understand his original plan was to leave Haiti for quite some time and go ride his motorcycle through South America.  I guess he couldn’t handle being back in the real world and had to come back.  I’m very glad to have him working with us since he’s had quite a bit time in country and knows how things are done around here.

We’ve also started our first mobile clinic and did a 2 day clinic over at Junior Batai’s church/school.  Kelly, Erika and Danell all got to work with the local people on the first day and Gramps got some great shots of it.  Kelly and Erika went back on day 2 while Danell and Gramps went with Ralph over to Medishare where Danell was able to work with the kids in the pediatric unit.  Danell is doing art therapy with the kids and they love to work with her.  I’ve never been a true believer in that but after seeing these kids draw what is going on in their heads I now see the importance of getting them to let out their thoughts. 

We’ve also been working with several of the orphanages giving them vaccines and food supplies.  Some of our nurses, Kelly, Erika, Zerena, Robyn and Guin have been essential in allowing us to do this work.  Kelly is the last one with us but she leaves tomorrow.  Both she and Erika have spent the last 3 months in Haiti working with IMC and we have been lucky enough to have them with us for the last week.  We also got to shoot up our guys with the Tetanus and Typhoid vaccines and they all took it like champs except for Billy.  That guy is the biggest wimp I’ve ever met when it comes to needles.  The boy has taboos but squeals like a little girl when he has to get a shot.  Truth is, it’s quite entertaining to watch. 

I’m not sure if I told everyone in my last post, and I haven’t had a chance to look back at what I said, but Erika Scuderi went home about a week ago.  Erika, if you’re reading this we love and miss you and thank you so much for everything you did while you were here. 

Aside from the everyday sorting, receiving, supply drops, orphan visits, hospital visits and emergencies that arise things are pretty normal around here.  from the 9th to the 17th of this month I will be doing a bunch of admin work and trying to schedule fund-raising speeches in the US for the end of August.  If anyone knows of, or is part of, a group that may want to donate to our cause please let me know so we can get something scheduled.  I’m really hoping to do some serious fund-raising back home so we can keep going here.  I also want to thank everyone that has donated to us so far because without you guys we would never have been here this long.  If you want to donate please do so through the website at www.mmrc-us.org

I love you guys and will post some photos later tonight when I get them from the old man.


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