IV Fluids and Yours Truly – Haiti Update 04/09/10

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here are some updated photos of us doing what we do.

I was going to blog yesterday but I think the heat and everything finally got to me.  I really didn’t do much but look for houses to rent because we are being evicted from CDTI.  It seems like the ministry of health came in and wants to vacate the hospital so they can asses the damages here and inventory what supplies they have.  We’ve got until tonight to scoot on out but I think we might be able to buy a few more days until we find a suitable house to rent.  Dr. Dupont, the CMO here, is really an amazing individual and hopefully he will let us extend our stay

So anyway, today the search continues and thankfully I got a few bags of IV fluids in me last night.  I wasn’t feeling quite balanced out so Cory started IV’s on both Little Paul and myself.  Man did it make a difference.  We give this poor girl so much grief but it is so much fun.  Last night as we are both tethered to an IV pole all we could do was come up with drugs we could shoot up into ourselves.  The funniest art was that the crazier the idea the more annoyed Cory got with us.  She is such a trooper and I’m so proud  of her.  She’s completely out of her element here but she is handling it very well.

The Aruba team from my first trip comes back on Sunday and they will be here for a week.  I just got an email from them with supplies they need so it looks like we are going to be doing some appropriating later today and tomorrow.

I know I’ve said this before but I will ask again.  The work we are doing here is vital and our small group needs as much financial support as possible.  If you can possible make a donation to help keep us out here doing this work that is so important I would be so deeply grateful.  We have a website up and you can visit it at http://www.mmrc-us.org

Since we have not received our 501c3 status yet we are setting up a link to where you can purchase a photo from us for your donation.  Please help keep this work going here and donate whatever you can.

Thank you everyone for all of your love and prayers and I hope to keep updating everyone on our progress here.



  1. Danell says:

    Congrats on MMRC it really is all coming together…I think you have found your calling, your blog amazes me daily!

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