Haiti – 04/03/10

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was rather interesting for everyone as a few medical teams came through and pillaged what they needed from CDTI.  There are several larger NGO’s that have been coming around and circling the place like vultures.  Since no one was in the mood to really bust their asses to get things done, 2 of the ladies here let me practice starting IV’s on them.  Mary Beth from the One5 was actually sick so she needed the IV while Corrin was just sweet enough to let me try.  I failed on both attempts on Mary Beth but I don’t feel like too much of a loser since it took 2 other nurses to get her stuck.  Corrin, I blew the firs one but got the second.  After all that was done, the remaining Haitian volunteers ahd a going away party and included us in everything.

Today was a different story, absolutely no one came in and it was a ghost town.  We are looking at moving facilities since we have no power or water here during the day and have to do all of our online work at night, which is really hard since it puts us way behind schedule.  We picked up a nurse “Corey” from the airport today and she will be with us for 19 days.

The Aruba team is coming back on the 11th and they are bringing a 16 man team with them so I’m excited about that.  Overall things are going at a slow and steady pace but I’m focusing on fund raising right now to ensure I can stay out here the 4 months I am needed.

I know it’s a short entry today but I’m pooped.  I’ll update more tomorrow with some juicy news.



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