Haiti Update – 03/30/2010

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

I figure it’s going to be easier to put the date of my updates in the title of the blog post to make sure I don’t get confused.  Hehehe

So today is the 30th and what an interesting day.  So here’s what happened before noon.  Had a CVA (stroke) victim come in this morning when we had no Dr.’s so yours truly had to get a set of vitals and see how stable she was.  the docs came in and we started an IV on her, gave her some meds for hypertension and sent her home with her grandkids.  This wasn’t her first stroke and the family could take better care of her than anyone.  After that, we had a birth, a diabetic shock, our only autoclave went down so no sterile instruments, a blackout at the hospital, and that’s about it.  We saw almost 225 patients int he triage today and I met some really great NGO volunteers.

On a sad note, we to treat and American Volunteer who was raped last night so if anyone who is reading this please be advised that if you are coming here to make sure you do not travel alone.  Our volunteers came through strong by delivering us the meds she needed and she will be going home tomorrow.  As much as I love the people of this country I am enraged in the manner that men treat women.  I’m only putting this on my blog so that everyone knows that things can be a little rough here and we all need to watch each others backs.

I had to go see a Dr. today because my lungs are like crap right now.  I got sick on the flight from PHX to ATL and have been on zythromax since I got here.  The doc gave me an inhaler and told me to rest.  I asked her if she had an inhaler with crack in it because me resting is not really going to happen any time soon.  Oh well.  We are going to do a follow up on Friday.

Finally, there is a huge possibility that this hospital will close tomorrow due to lack of funding.  We are all hoping that someone comes through and gets enough money to pay the bills and the employees since it is one of the most well equipped hospitals that the people have, but if not I may have to look for a new home.  Wish me luck.

That’s all for tonight everyone.  Love you guys and be safe


  1. hillbilly kelly says:

    Hang in there Paul:) Both P’s are in our thoughts and prayers. I thought this would make you smile……my 12 yr old boy is in a contest to see who knows the most about dairy cows, he has been studying about milking cows and all that hillbilly stuff!!!! It makes a hillbilly mom proud:) Now quit laughing and get back to work…….Keep posting I love hearing about your days.

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