Your help is greatly needed…

Posted: March 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

First of all I want to thank everyone who has been following my blog and the events that transpired while I was in Haiti.  Upon my return it was apparent that I needed to return immediately as there is so much work to do still before the rainy season starts.  The CDC is predicting that their will be another 300,000 deaths related to the rains.  With that in mind I have orchestrated a plan to unite the 5 main hospitals in the area and set up a central supply line with open communications between each other.  Alan Staats is helping with the logistics and transportation of donated goods/meds and we have volunteers willing to help implement this plan.

On my last trip there I told a CDC rep of my plan and I was told that if implemented and executed we could save about 5% of the loss.  That’s at least 15,000 lives.

That truly motivated me even more and this is where I need your help.  I have to raise $15,000 for me to spend 4 months there.  These funds will be used to cover expenses, transportation and purchase some of the necessary items for the 4 months there.

What I am asking is to donate if you can, and if not to please send this off to as many people as you can.  If I can get 150 people to donate $100 each than I can get over there and do some good.  Alan also needs about the same to go there and he is extremely important to this process.

I ask humbly from whomever reads this to please help us save the lives of those less fortunate.  IF you would like to donate please let me know.  We have set up a fund and are working on getting the 501c3 status approved through the IRS.  In the meantime if you want to donate and receive the tax credit I will let you know who to send the money to and they will make sure that I get 100% of the donations.

I thank everyone for your help, love, and prayers.  May God bless each of you.



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