i have completely lost track of time

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

first of all let me tell you that i am using a mac right now with a spanish keyboard so i have no idea how this will turn out.

yesterday was quite entertaining.  i had the chance to work with the spanish team again and we knocked out allot of the store room.  jeff from the virgin islands came back as well and it was great to see him again.  he informed me of a project that he has been working on with a haitian senator concerning an orphange and the poor treatment of most of the children.  we went out to eat and he let me know the plan.  it was executed today.

here is what happened today.  i finally felt that i was doing a lot of good in this country and able to finally help out some people that were really in need.  the kids.  after quite a few phone calls and verifictions we had loaded up a bus with 7 medical personell and 4 support staff and went to the orphange where we spoke with the nun in charge and she let us bring 20 kids back to the hospital for medical treatment and care.  what she does not know yet is that on monday the ministery of health is going to shut down the orphange and let us get the rest of the kids.

these poor kids are malnourished and severly dehydrated and in just a few hours we had them eating and drinking and as i am typing this they are 75 feet away and they are all sound asleep.  we have 7 people watching over them, 4 of which are social workers.

it is so rewarding to see these cute little kids who all they want is love and attention and they way they cling to you just so they can be held is so touching.  tomorrow we will be doing bloodwork, tb tests, xrays and general exams on all of them so we can make sure they are healthy enough to be transferred to another orphange on tuesday.

good night all and i will update more tomorrow


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