about my last entry

Posted: February 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sorry it was so bland. Slept 4 hrs last night. Been up for 18.

Forgot to mention that we were prepping for the transfer till 230 am and at 630 blond paul woke me up. He had been up all night with a bad bug. We started a line on him, gave him zofran for nausea, a sedative to help him sleep, and ran 4 bags on him throughout the day. He is doing much better.

I promise to give more details about today in my next blog.

Good night yall

  1. Arantza says:

    Hola Paul

    Una pequeña nota para destacar que ha sido un verdadero placer coincidir y trabajar contigo. Has hecho que nuestra experiencia en Haiti haya sido todavía mucho más gratificante. Espero que algún día nos volvamos a reencontrar. Siento que hayamos sido tan demandantes, pero ya sabes, el Big Paul eran nuestro auténtico Santa Claus. Bonitas fotografías. Un fuerte abrazo.
    The Spanish Team.

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