birth control would be nice

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

So its been crazy here. The women of Haiti must all be in labor this week. 3 yesterday, 5 today, 2 more planned for tomorrow and 2 in the er right now. And man are they loud. Every contraction u here the “whoa” holler.

Today was pretty much admin day from hell, the stockroom is coming along smoothly thanks to the spaniards. They unpacked about 80 boxes so we have about 400 more to go. the nice thing was that a haitian doc and nurse were with us.

Todays highlight was getting to bolt cut off a lock to OR#3 to get portable suction for a baby that had merconium aspiration. Apparently the surgical team locked it up and took the key with them.

Last night it rained cats and dogs and I had about an inch of water in my tent this morning. Some of the guys spent the better part of the day redoing all of the tents and securing our quarters for the rain tonight.

Blonde paul went out and got us wings for dinner and it was so nice to eat a warm protein that was grilled not broiled. I weighed myself last night and it looks like I’ve lost about 12 pounds so far. Go haiti.

Sorry this blog is more bullet points than anything else but I’m wiped out. I guess that happens when you sweat so much you go through 3 scrub tops in a day.

Good night everyone

P.s. If anyone can get their hands on some oxygen regulators for the big tanks, a few respirators, or even some good portable suction machines I can guarantee you’ll save at least a dozen lives by july.

  1. mom says:

    Hi love, your wish is my command! I will treat you with the pedicure and whatever else you are in need of.
    Abuela had a bad fall yesterday and ended up in emergency. Nothing broken but hurts a lot. Keep her in your prayers.
    Have you tried Stacia? they probably can help with equipment you need. Do you want me to let her know?
    I love so much! You are the best.

  2. Pam says:

    Wow! If only were more like you and your crew in this world. I enjoy the posts. Will you email me a mailing address ? I have a couple of nurses in the family and I can put the word out that supplies are being sought. Otherwise there is an organization called Project C.U.R.E ( that specifically gets medical equipment where it’s needed.

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