end of day 7ish – i have no idea anymore

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

So today was quite a test of my patience. I had the joyous opportunity to work with the admin today and I think I would rather wipe a lions butt with sandpaper while in a phonebooth than do that again. And with that enough said.

I got a lot of shelving done by the red shirts and when I saw it I think I was more excited than the first time I had sex. It was days of anticipation, nerve racking trying to get it just right, and pure bliss when it was done. Get your mind out of the gutter you pervs, I’m talking about the shelving.

Aside from the fact that I spent no time on my job today I am happy with the progress. We have an ER doc and nurse in triage and when I went to take my shower I popped into ICU and as usual no nurse. I walked out shaking my head and said a very depressed hello to a passing nurse and went off to shower. When I left the room the nurse I passed by was chewing out another nurse who then scurried off into ICU. She then caught up with me, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me thumbs up and “ok”. I was a very proud papa right then.

Things are going really well actually. I’m far past exhausted and my feet always hurt but I’m really happy to be here. Anyone who wants to book me a massage and pedicure for me feel free to email me. I just set aside a delicious “sounding” MRE, but I’m pretty sure it still tastes like dog crap, but its better than starving.

Ok ya’ll I am wiped out. Gonna tajke a quick nap before I have to work again.



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