day 6 – what a change

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you have been keeping up on my blog here’s an update.

I forgot to mention that last nite at the restaurant I ran into the CDTI hospital team and told them about the sickle cell kid. It turns out that they have one of the South Korean general surgeons with them and could operate on the kid to get his appy out. I came back and reported to Tina that they wanted him in the AM. So with that said…

Tina ran a bag of O-neg that she drummed up somewhere on the sickle cell kid and he looked so much better today. The Swedish ambulance team picked him up and took him to CDTI where they worked on him and he is doing well I’m sure.

Now for todays events. Staff meeting in the AM and we decided to pull the German team out of the ICU and put the kansas city ER doc in charge. Thankfully we made that call since we had a pretty bad MVA – car accident, a lady coded in the ER (she didn’t make it) – and we had a 4 year old fall 12 feet and land head first. He was brought in via Red Cross ambulance to us and the North Carolina team did a great job on him. We had to somewhat stabalize him and Matt our icu/er doc did an amazing job. We called the Swedish team and they transported him to the Univ of Miami facility by the airport. Later that night we saw the Swedes and they said the Miami team was very impressed with how he was prepped. Go team HCH ( that’s the name of my hospital).

I started on the supply room and got about 5% of it done so tomorrow I’m going to have our orthopod PA, a nurse and a 1st year resident help me out. My goal is to have the materials department locked up by saturday. If so, I may transfer to CDTI and help them if they have shelving.

Overall things here are going well. Today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday and I was a lot more mellow. Its amazing what 2 pieces of pizzza, a coke and not having anyone askyou for anything for 3 hours will do for your morale. We went to grab an ice cream after shift today and started talking to some UN police. They were really nice and afterwards they gave us a ride back to the hospital. They even gave us a case of water which was so greatly appreciated.

I’m worried about Tina since she has a bad cough and is running ragged. If she looks like hell tomorrow I’m going to sit her down and have on the the Spanish team start a line on her. We’ll probably give her IV anti-biotics to kill the cough and I’ll even sit on her if I have to to make her slow down.

Oh, I almost forgot. We had a team from the Navy come in today and we were so excited until we found out they were NCIS. Apparently someone reported that a baby had been abducted from one of our moms that passed the other day. We had to clarify the situation and tell them that the father took the child. It was pretty painless talking to them and when they asked if we needed anything I don’t think they were expecting us to have a list ready for them.

Plans for tomorrow… Get the supply room 50% done, introduce the new Quebec Psych team to the staff nurses so they can begin counseling, help clean up the pharmacy, talk to the Bangladesh team for abandoning us tonite, and about 1000 other things.

Good night y’all and btw, its raining right now

  1. Rebecca says:

    Your an amazing person Paul! I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers and will continue to read about your adventure.

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