day 5

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but it was probably one of the hardest emotional days I’ve had in years. So the rest of the USVI team left which meant that Tina, an ER nurse from Spokane, and myself were co-chiefs of staff. In the morning we had our high when the coast guard came in to measure out our supply room for shelving and see about putting up some tents for our triage/er. They also dropped off 25 sheets of plywood which is pretty much worth its weight in gold here. Their was so much possitivity buzzing in the air that just seeing those guys put all the volunteers in a great mood. They took off with promises of more manpower and supplies on monday to help get our hospital in shape.

About an hour later the day took a major turn for the worse. We ended up losing 3 patients, 2 of which were emergency c-sections and the mom’s died. Aside from the fact that we have no O-neg blood, none of the equipment we need, and work in a battlefield environment the surgical team did everything they could to save the mom’s but just couldn’t.

By the end of the day I was so strung out that I had a teeny meltdown and at 10pm I shut down triage so my teams could rest. We were all wiped out after another 16 hour workday and barely having time to pee or eat.

Now for today…CHAOTIC, AMAZING, and a rude awakening for the hospital administrators.

I met with them this morning and announced that today we start integrating the native and foreign teams so patients get the best care possible. I think they were a little shocked when Tina and I told them that;
1. The ER shuts down at 5pm and if they want it open they have to staff it.
2. ICU nurses leave at 530pm
3. Triage will only see life threatening cases. All other cases are to be seen by Haitian doctors in their clinic.
4. All native doctors and nurses are required to work in tandem with foreign teams and begin trating patients on all aspects.

Yep, they pooped their pants.

Aside from that I woke up to 200 people on the traige floor whom we had to send 70% to the clinic and then I had a truckload of coast guard personell arrive in the PM and began building shelves.

Overall it was an amazing day. No one died today and we even shipped 3 critial kids out to the uss comfort.

Now the nite was even better. Some of the kansas city team saw that I was super strung out and after not having left this place in 5 days they were right. We went out for pizza and for 3 whole hours no one needed me. BLISS.

So what’s up for tomorrow. By 9am I need to help ship out a kid who is in sickle cell crisis and may have appendicitis. We need to get him to a pediatric surgeon. I also have a staff meeting and general rounds.

So with that goodnight and you are all in my prayers


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